Read the following answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please contact us at one of our branch offices.

Q : Is there a maximum number of users for a group license?
A : We can accommodate virtually any sized team – no problem. Give us a call if you don’t fit into our standard groupings of 10, 20 and 50 users.
Q : How do I pay for my license?
A : Access the payment page and use your credit card to pay online, or contact us direct.
Q : How can I increase my storage limit? How much does it cost?
A : We provide each of our users with 1 TB of storage, so you should be good for a while. However, if you need more, contact our support team and we will increase your limit.
Q : How can I train my team fast?
A : DATAmaestro has an intuitive design to get you up and running quickly. For more answers you can use the online help, or consult the tutorial library. Contact us directly to schedule a group training session. You can even arrange to have a professional PEPITe trainer come to your site.
Q : How do I restart my license?
A : If you let your license lapse, we say, “Welcome back.” Regardless which plan you subscribed to and when, simply contact us at PEPITe and we will be happy to set you up again.
Q : How often do you release updates, and will that affect my current project?
A : PEPITe is committed to customer support and to advanced technology, as such; we guarantee that we will update the DATATmaestro software at least four times a year. And probably more, because we are that committed.
Q : How do I load my data in DATAmaestro?
A : After you log in, click Data and you can upload and define a CSV file, use the MS Excel plugin, establish a connection with our DATAserver connector, or browse to find the file you want to upload.
Q : I have big projects; how good is the performance?
A : The basic license provides 4 CPU computing power, which is sufficient for many users. However, if your requirements are really big, we can increase the horsepower behind your connection. Give us a call and we will set it up for you.