Get High-Performance Cloud Analytics

Running predictive analytics in the cloud helps your organization operate at peak performance, and accurately predict events that may cause faults. Our high-performance solution uses data integration, automation, analysis and predictive analytics to increase uptime, performance and productivity while lowering maintenance costs and the risk of revenue loss.


The fifteen mobile decision-makers at ACME Corporation’s industrial processing plant were struggling with volumes of reporting material, pressures to meet projections, onerous IT demands, and scheduling meetings. After ACME started using DATAmaestro, the decision-makers were able to run the powerful multivariate predictive

analytics that the company needed to improve performance – from anywhere at any time. DATAmaestro’s benefits were immediately clear. By using a tool in the cloud, ACME reduced its IT infrastructure expenses by 15%, and secured continuous access to up-to-date software with no maintenance costs. There were no trade-offs.