Take Advantage of Continuous Improvement Opportunities

DATAmaestro uses facts to support and enhance your organization’s continuous improvement program. The recorded results of detailed analysis provide important answers for root cause analysis, process mapping, and involved teamwork. By establishing data models and metrics, DATAmaestro provides a baseline to track optimization targets.

DATAmaestro also supports globally accepted sustainability KPIs and provides embedded analytic routines to forecast results and prove relationships between metrics. The solution provides all the necessary tools to capture, clean, and transform data relevant to sustainability.


The decision-makers who work at ACME Corporation know how their plant functions, the detailed processes, and they have a pretty good idea where they are losing money. Over the years they spent money launching different internal projects aimed at plugging the leaks. ACME repaired and updated various pieces of equipment, tried introducing new work flows, and revised shiftwork schedules. The solutions provided some temporary results, but they were not sustainable.

ACME was stabbing in the dark because they did not have supporting facts for the changes they were making. By using DATAmaestro, ACME Corporation was able to find answers in their data to support their continuous improvement activities. Two years ago, based on CUSUM charts of their energy consumption and a root cause analysis, ACME adjusted the temperature alarm levels on their boilers and saved 10% on their energy bill – and have sustained the savings.