Discover the Big Data Solution for Your Industry

In the age of technology, every industry generates impressive amounts of data. DATAmaestro can transform petabytes of raw data into working solutions by providing the ability to effectively manage complex models for high-performance environments.


ACME Corporation’s industrial plant produces tonnes of product every month, all year long, and terabytes of data are generated in the process. The decision-makers at ACME were being buried by so much information they could not cope or act. DATAmaestro was able to manage and analyse the vast number of data points the plant produced every second and make meaningful predictions based on it. Patterns started to emerge and deficiencies were revealed.

The robust performance of the analytics engine gave ACME Corporation the answers hidden in their data that they needed to know. In a space of 3 months, ACME went from being overwhelmed and paralyzed by their data to being informed and rewarded by the knowledge found within it. Based on models created in DATAmaestro, ACME was able to see their consumption trends and take appropriate action.