Connect to an Intuitive and Collaborative Environment

DATAmaestro provides a collaborative environment that makes it easy for team members to analyze data, build sophisticated models and share their findings. By providing a virtual workspace for multiple users in the cloud, DATAmaestro improves communication and enables team members to be more agile and make critical decisions faster.


The fifteen mobile decision-makers at ACME Corporation spent a lot of time organizing themselves and scheduling meetings to discuss their strategy and findings. Once they moved their data processing into the cloud to use DATAmaestro, the ACME team members were able to collaborate online with their data.

It no longer mattered if some members of the team were travelling, as long as they had a connected device they could stay connected. ACME estimated that they recovered about 21% of downtime by providing their key members with mobile access to the powerful toolset in DATAmaestro.