Sign Up For Convenient Pay-As-You-Go Licensing

Our easy licensing program makes it easy to sign up and start fast. You can choose the licensing period that suits you, there is no CAPEX required. Take full advantage of the collaborative environment, and choose a multi-user license to match the size of your team.


Covering a capital expenditure can be crushing, and even worse if there is more than one to pay at the same time. ACME Corporation was struggling under this kind of financial burden, and trying to find creative ways to juggle the debt was difficult, as well as stressful. ACME was relieved to find a flexible licensing program for DATAmaestro.

They chose a one year, group license for their 15 users and were able to make affordable monthly payments without feeling a pinch. ACME also appreciated that they had options; they could change the terms of the license or the number of licensed users if they wanted to. That’s good business and fiscally responsible.