Save time with an integrated workflow for your analytics projects

DATAmaestro automatically saves the workflows you used to extract useful information from your data. Whether simple or complex, having an established project workflow saves time, can be edited, shared and reused on new data sets.


DATAmaestro streamlines the complicated, time-intensive process of creating a workflow of analytic processes. The integrated workflow is efficient and reusable. You don’t need to have programming skills and a lot of time to set up or maintain your projects over the long term.

The easy-to-use DATAmaestro interface displays each project-related activity in the workflow. The expandable Workflow menu is always on the left side of the page, so every stage of your analytics process is just one click away. You and members of your

team can review the uploaded data sources, select data sets, generated analysis, access formulas used to extract information, and use tools to dig deeper.

The time-savings continues when you copy a project. For example, if you are doing two variability analysis projects that are similar, you can reuse the workflow by simply making a copy of the first project and restarting the second project with a new analytical branch, and then make the necessary modifications to the parameters.