Create custom models to predict performance and understand drifts

With DATAmaestro you can model complex multivariate, linear or non-linear, relationships between data. Discover clusters that have similar behavior in your data sets. Build predictive models to forecast behavior, and train decision trees and causal models to explain variability of system performance. Using trained models is a powerful way to support your diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics tasks.


The compelling display of DATAmaestro’s analytic capability is showcased at the modeling stage where you can exploit the findings and establish benchmarks to predict performance trends. Using DATAmaestro you can introduce methods to train predictive models based on your data, so you can understand and use it better.

DATAmaestro gives you the flexibility to create various tree models, multi-linear and non-linear regressions or classifications, and to identify clusters that display similar behaviour. With DATAmaestro you can introduce methods to train your data and understand it more deeply. After your data goes in, expect insights and foresight to come out.